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About inter-confessional Christian festival in Israel in the autumn 2010

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In February, 2010 the site published the news that "Christian" telechannel TBN had agreed upon holding international festival in Israel in Jerusalem in the autumn this year which will become annual. Thefirst Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, the Vice Speaker of the Knesset Alex Miller, Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, Israel’s Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov expressed interest in holding this festival and promised to render their assistance.

 The festival is planned to take place at the end of October or at the beginning of November; it is the most favorable time for evangelical believers, actors, politicians, businessmen, public figures to gather in Israel as a part of TBN delegation.

TBN Russia: “Trinity Broadcasting Network” or "Television of Good News" is the largest in Russia and in the CIS Christian television network. It has spread its broadcasting over Russia, the Western Europe, in the Ukraine and in the CIS countries, in the USA, in Central and South America. Today ТBN broadcasts worldwide in 177 countries.

TBN: "Trinity Broadcasting Network” is the largest in the USA Christian television network. It was founded in 1973 by Paul Crouch. He is the adherent of "The Word Faith Movement."

“People rarely get down to business being led by wisdom and care while being led by ignorance they undertake for anything " (Martin Luther).

Statement of issues

Israel is a very selective country in religious sense. Christians make only two percent of the population, and they are constantly exposed to discrimination. There is anti missionary legislation in Israel. It is known that there is a term of imprisonment for missionary activity in case the person receives or offers material benefits for it. The Bill of Missionary Work Interdiction is now discussed in the Knesset even though the State of Israel is democratic and its authority is of secular character. There are also such organizations as "Yad LeAchim" in Israel ( which wage civil war with missionaries (Christians) all over the country.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to understand what motives roused officials of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and politicians of the Knesset led by Lieberman «to bless» those who are far from being the most outstanding representatives of evangelical churches. It is clear that it is not that Jews started to love Christians, Lieberman began to read the New Testament now and then and Misezhnikov has learnt "Our Father " by heart. The motives are absolutely materialistic here and they are connected with politics. Besides, if the ministry of tourism wants to increase the income of the state thanks to Christian tourists’ arrival, it could do it thanks to Orthodox or Catholic churches (which are much more numerous than evangelists) which are present in the country almost from the beginning of the last century.

ТBN Russia and TBN

Igor Nikitin - the president of television company TBN Russia owns today the largest Christian television network which has spread its influence not only in Russia, but also in the CIS and the Near Abroad countries (see For some reasons all technical equipment was bought and given to it by TBN - the American television Christian network owned by Paul Crouch. American TBN is the largest (or one of the largest) in America and in the world television Christian network.

Paul Crouch is a latent donor of Russian TBN, the richest person, the richest family - they profess the so-called “Word Faith Movement” whose representatives are Benny Hinn, Coupland who appeared on the screens of Russian TV at the end of the nineties.

The Crouch Family received 643 million dollars of donations within the period 2000-2004 and 341 million dollars of direct investments just from people. He can earn 50 million dollars in an hour for his show. Meanwhile we have an independent investigation in the Internet concerning this company and warnings for investors (donors) who invest their money (see on a site «Do not invest money in this company because they are non-transparent, and, most likely, a luxurious way of life which they enjoy is enjoyed with your donations. And you will never see to it where they are spent». The son of Paul Crouch has an independent commercial company which, ostensibly, produces films, such as “The Omega Code”. It is clear that it is money-laundering.

"The Word Faith Movement"

The basis of this movement is known as "the prosperity theology", and goes back to an occult "New Thought movement" which was popular in the USA in the first half of the 19th century. This movement has generated such sects as "Religious science", "Christian science" and "Unity Christian School". Its founder was the known psychic and healer Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-1866). The basic idea of his doctrine was that the person is capable to create his own reality by means of positive thinking power. One should draw an image of health and wealth in mind and then assert or confess it with the mouth so that the intangible image could be embodied in tangible reality. Essek William Kenyon (1867-1948) – a famous American preacher-occultist can be called the father of the modern-day “Word Faith Movement". Leaders of the modern movement are Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Coupland, Benny Hinn, Ulf Ekman, etc.

That is about the confession which they declare through their channels. They have dozens of satellites broadcasting worldwide. These pastors are Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Coupland - all of them, if you watch television programs, broadcast from these channels every day. In 2004 “Los Angeles Times” openly criticized this evangelistic direction as being heretical.

They preach the doctrine about small gods. That is, that you are a small god. Coupland, for example, says that Jesus Christ is the biggest failure of all times and peoples because He was crucified on a cross. He was defeated, he says, by the nature of Satan. Satan has defeated Him on a cross; therefore He is the biggest failure. Rejecting the Trinity Doctrine Benny Hinn says that, as the Holy Spirit is a person, in the Holy Spirit there are also persons of the Father and the Son. There are 3 beings each having their own trinity of beings within each. Therefore there are not three, but nine of them. They also say that a man should think correctly, positively – it is the doctrine of positive thinking. Name it — claim it — get it! That is, to formulate correctly the claim to God is a guarantee of getting it – fill your pockets. That is, we do not need Christ, we need to learn, correctly formulate and get it. The doctrine of prosperity, well-being of "The Word Faith Movement” is based on it. The so-called Toronto blessing is also based on it when daddy Hagin pushes over thousands of people by holy laughter. It is devilry altogether. Holy laughter and physical manifestations, emotional ecstasies of the different sort. They insist on them. The world is ruled according to the certain laws. The main thing is to know these laws. Actually, they reduce faith to certain magic laws which reveal their occult root.
Billy Graham and papacy.

Perhaps, it is the most known preacher of all times and peoples. He had access to presidents and to the powers that be. It appears that he is a mason of the 33-rd degree. Billy Graham as a preacher and mason has received the official order of illuminati to hinder the way of people to Jesus Christ, that is, the purpose of his sermon is to hinder the way to Jesus Christ.

This phenomenon of hindering the way of Christ in us can be traced since a long time ago. Billy Graham, Paul Crouch, Coupland and others have officially expressed their opinions about papacy at various times. Billy Graham: “I have found out that my beliefs basically coincide with beliefs of orthodox Roman Catholics”; Robert Shuller: “It is time for Protestants to come to the pastor [pope] and say: "What should we do to come back home?” (see the link: That is, the so-called evangelists erect the same barrier which the Catholic church erected between Christ and flock on the Nicene council as far back as the seventh century when it proclaimed the primacy of the pope. They erect these barriers in different ways; they do not allow the flock to come to Christ. And they do so because the New Testament Doctrine was reduced to the doctrine of creature comforts, material welfare, «the weak and beggarly elements» - of well-being, prosperity, Toronto blessing, small gods, family values, upbringing, education and so on.

By means of it these "evangelists" have brought the world into a new epoch without the name of Christ, thus hindered His way. As the whole multitude of the surrounding region of the Gadarenes asked Christ to depart from them in the Gospel of Luke and He departed from them. So Christ departed from the present Christianity a long time ago.

Politics of the double standard

Charles Mirbt (the German Protestant theologian) wrote in 1910: "Missionary work and colonialism groove together… Today missionary work is the tool of the state politics...” Making comments on the statement: "Colonization is a missionary work ", belonged to the German state secretary on colonies doctor Zolf, Catholic missiologist Schmidlin wrote in 1913: "It is missionary work that spiritually conquers colonies and executes their internal assimilation... » Therefore the President of America George Bush is considered today the first Protestant who is at the same time, as it is known, a member of a Masonic society "Skull and bones". It is as if Russian Orthodox Church canonized Yeltsin today.
The U.S. Secretary of State M. Albright, speaking at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law in Washington in October 23, 1997, declared that «the ceaseless quest for religious freedom and tolerance… will continue to play a significant role in US foreign policy and in the affairs of the world. Since the denial of religious freedom or threats to it can cause fear, flight, fighting and even all-out war. So we have developed a focus in our policy on regions, M. Albright said, where religious divisions have combined with other factors to engender violence or endanger peace. To implement our policy, we have publicly identified the promotion of religious freedom as a foreign policy priority».

In November, 1998 the U.S. Congress passed “International Religious Freedom Act” which approved implementation of sanctions on countries that violate religious freedom. In another document “A National Security Strategy for a new century”, which was passed in the same year, it is said about recognition of leadership of the USA in the world and their readiness to influence the actions of the states and other non-state actors. National interests of the USA have been coordinated with religious policy of other states. The American Commission on International Religious Freedom was created for control purposes to which information gathering about religious policy of countries of the world was assigned. For example, grounding the requirements to cut off the financial aid to Russia from the USA in connection with the passage of theLaw on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations ", U.S. senator Mitch McConnelldeclared: "We should use it (meaning the foreign help) for promotion of American values and American interests". As a result, senators voted for the amendment to the foreign aid bill (the so-called Smith amendment) in which they made conditional granting Russia 195 million dollars aid provided a defeat of the Russian bill by Boris Yeltsin.


Basing on the above words one can draw a conclusion that missionary activity of modern "evangelists" such as Graham, Hinn, Coupland, Dollar and others has nothing in common with the New Testament Doctrine and with Christ. This activity is directed to implanting in "colonies" the values of various kinds (but not Christian ones) which CONQUER these "colonies" and assimilate them. «Multicultural and inter-confessional festival» in the autumn of 2010, most likely, will be a show similar to the gay parade which we observed in Tel-Aviv in 2009. Perhaps, it will bring income from tourism into the state treasury, but it will corrupt minds and hearts of people.

It is the show which will finally discredit the idea of Christianity and will become the act of internal colonization of Christianity since the sound doctrine of godliness, faith, righteousness and truth in all countries and continents and at all levels is given the elbow.

Modern preachers, like Billy Graham, gather audiences of many thousands to just jest on a theme of Christ, to cause a phenomenon of "simplification of spirit", as a rule, with elements of mass suggestion. In fact it is almost waste of time talking to those who are deformed, corrupted by certain occult brotherhoods today. Nowadays the selection of the worst ones in the Christian environment takes place.

It is also one of the barriers which is implanted in Christianity today. And that, judging by the level of a sermon which can be heard there, is the same most numerous, drugged Christianity for whom the road to Christ is hindered.

Billy Graham’s business which TBN and TBN Russia preach out today is in full play. They are the very organizations which organize this festival.