Владимир Мазур

Vladimir Mazur 

"Articles and sermons presented in this website that were written by me were written by revelation from God. From the beginning of my conversion to Christ, I have known that "of making many books there is no end, and much study is weariness of the flesh," and that one should avoide it.

But the study of the history of theology of all Christian denominations revealed to me a lot of the gaps in the knowledge of truth which used to be fully opened to the first apostles' church in the fullness, but it was later lost in the Orthodox-Catholic Church, and most recently - in Protestant confessions. And I got an assignment from God - to write only about what is required for restoring the gaps in the knowledge of the truth for the last church of Jesus Christ which is preparing for catching up.

In general, for the whole gone astray Christianity which is building up the Whore of Babylon, the published articles are useless - apologists of the falling away from God can not even deepen into the meaning of the published articles and long years of practice have proved it.

But I declare that for the rest of the people of God the materials of this website will bring a living word of God which is important and necessary, and faith in them will allow the Church of Jesus Christ to achieve unity in the Body of Jesus Christ, to receive the power of the Lord, to win in the last war of the Universe - the Armageddon, to carry out the last ministry to humanity in the Institution of the Olive Trees and to meet Christ in His Second Coming. Have a good journey!"

Christian New Testament Church

Христиане Новозаветной Церкви

"Christians of the New Testament Church", Christians of Evangelical Faith (Pentecostals). A group of believers of the Christian faith was registered more than 30 years ago in Krasnoyarsk (Russia, Sibiria). Vladimir Mazur, the pastor, came to believe in 1976. The basis of the teachings of the church is the teachings of Jesus Christ about justification "apart from works".

We invite representatives of all Christian confessions and churches to achieve Unity in Jesus Christ among the people of God and to edify the Body of Christ, to participate in Interdenominational gatherings.

No church and no religion can claim to be the Body of Christ, but only to be members in the Body, as there are no those "of Apollos" or "of Cephas" in the will of God, but all who confess Christ are God's children, so - Interdenominational gathering is not a fad, not a choice of a free will, but it is the most severe need of salvation.

“The Church of God is evolving. The Church of God as a living organism, made up of diverse people's living souls who believe in God is evolving since it requires new and strong "joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share”, it requires new functions of each member, work of their talents, it requires creativity."

Today we face the challenge - to preach the faith of God, focused on the latest purposes in the will of God, and to prophesy about the important Missions of the Olive Trees for a dying humanity, gone astray Christianity and for glorious salvation of the remnant of God's people scattered throughout different denominations of Christianity. It expresses our conformity to the word of God, as Isaiah said: «The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God. …”