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Irina Mazur


The creation of the First International Christian Lobby (FICL)

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We need to create an alternative force, an instrument of influence - to create an International Lobbying Organization in order to contact all instances of the world, i.e.the Churches, civil society organizations, Parliaments, media and to begin speaking the words of His truth.

Publication of the word of truth for the vast masses of people, as the Scripture says "the witness of the Olive trees" - is victory in the spiritual warfare of the present times and the Christian lobby will become a tool in this fight.

First of all, it is necessary to recall the three components, which we have been recently talking about at our working meetings on the purposes of interdenominational gatherings and at our internal meetings.

1. Creation of a lobbying organization to reach all instances of the world (parties, parliaments, media, religions, social organizations).

2. Searching for the means of survival through the possibility to get closer to the earth because the earth is determined by God "to help the wife who bore a male Child."

3. We should work in all of this so that there is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit by the prophecy of Joel, "I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh ..."


We will devote this presentation to the first thesis - the need to create a lobbying organization.

We believe that our whole way from the time of receiving the revelation about the power, about the mystery of lawlessness, about going up to Jerusalem and untill this day has been preparing us by God to fulfill a project of creation of a community that is ready to challenge not only the authorities of the world but also the strayed away religions.

Seven years ago, before we left to Israel there was a prophecy, "In five years time you will be in the Knesset." Five years after we moved to Israel, we had an open access to the Israeli Parliament, where we worked with deputies and were the participants of social and political life.

In addition to our work in the Knesset, we have established a number of social organizations that are currently operating in Israel, contributing to the social life of the country through the help to socially low-paid population, through the assistance in obtaining affordable housing, projects of survival, and so on.

In the process, we became acquainted with people, some of which, as it turned out, were believers. We met a lot of communities in Israel, communicating and attending meetings of Messianic Jews, Baptists, Pentecostals, Charismatics. We saw that the believers are rather isolated from each other and only one thing unites them all - the persecution of Christians. Despite the fact that in our activities we interacted with other Christians a great deal, we did not try to make it public, neither hid it when asked questions about it.

As you know, in Israel there is no freedom of religion and everyone who confesses Christ, once registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, receives a mark in the passport and becomes an object of oppression and tyranny of not only religious fanatics, but also of the authorities. In February 2012 we got on the pages and on air of Israeli print, electronic and other media as "missionaries working in the Knesset." And even the security in the Knesset welcomed us with the words "missionaries."

We raised this issue for discussion among lawmakers and public-political figures from the U.S.and other countries during the Prayer breakfast which was held with the participation of U.S.President Obama in February 2012, where we were invited. For now we leave out the issue about the essence of prayer breakfasts as such, there is another report about it.

We met a distinct interest in the subject of persecution among the participants of the prayer breakfast. However, everybody was much more interested in the issue of religious freedom as an assessment of the Israeli democracy level in the light of the Arab-Jewish conflict, rather than in the real state of affairs with believers in Israel and, most importantly, no one talked about the ideological side of the future of Israel as the Holy Land and the role of God's people in this future. We were looking for a spark in the eyes of the participants but met only glassy eyes and well-fed analytical thinking of Israeli problems in the light of the Iranian threat. In other words, we saw how "great" Christians and those wandering "around the name of Christ" looked at Israel through the two models.

The first model of "Christians FOR Israel" includes:

- Donation (blindly, without checking what and where it goes to, but in fact, the orthodox Jewish communities take charge of everything, but they are the men who make the redistribution of all Christian money from abroad, they count on their fingers of one hand giving Christians quotas on food packages and second-hand clothing);

- It is natural that such a Christian "for Israel" has a pro-Israeli perspective on the Palestinian problem (the right-wing perspective), i.e.Israel belongs to the Jews and the Arabs should go away. That is, there is absolutely no understanding that in Christ all are brothers, and the question of borders does not matter among the believers;

- It is also characterized by blind blessing of the Jews as the chosen people, without consideration of their falling away from Christ;

- And above all, the unwilliness to analyse not only the essence of persecution spread upon Christians, but also to carry out ideological work of Christians in Israel. The impression is that there are only Christian festivals and concerts in Israel and in between there are some pilgrimage travel ministries for the homeless - that is all that Christianity represent in Israel.

The second model is a slightly different one - "Christians who are sympathetic to Israel," but they serve to Israel "from the West Bank":

- That is, pro-Palestinian view of the problem: Israel is the occupant, Christians should help Arabs who are Christians and sympathize with the Arabs. It means the aggressive view at the Jews. Their eyes are more directed at the work of human rights organizations supporting the persecuted believers;

- They do not talk about the blessing of the Jews, but about peace in the whole world, that is, nothing specific and fumdumental;

- Donations are sent mostly to the Arabian sector.

What is the reason for separation of these two outlooks? Certainly, the reason is that all the currents form their ideologies on the basis of financial assets of the left (for Arabs) or the right (for Jews) organizations.

First of all, these organizations do not have anything to do with the Church of God, as well as with those who profess Christianity in the purity of the words about His Church. The image of the early apostolic church has disappeared from all denominations of Christianity a long time ago.

Despite this, today there is a strong opinion in all denominations and churches that the people of God have come out of Babylon and are free from the "number of the beast" by faith in Christ and by becoming members of their churches.

All main confessions of Christianity this day are "implanted religions," although to different extents, and it still remains to be perceived by true servants of Christianity. It is still left for Christians to know the term of Kabbalah - "implanting of religions," whose goal is partial or complete spiritual reorientation of believers toward Gnosticism of Kabbalah and other occult sources. All world Christianity is now experiencing the pressure of the forces of hell, the pressure of the authorities that are not according to Christ, the pressure of antievangelical ideas, the pressure of persecution of the Christ's servants and replacing of them with promasonic servants, the pressure of promasonic "implanted religions", the pressure of funding from the authorities of this world, as a result of which "abomination of desolation standing in the holy place" is developing

It is clear that opinions do not appear and disappear on their own.

The formation of opinions takes place through formal or informal lobbying organizations that have access to all areas of social and political life not only of an unbelieving world, but also of the Christian communities.

What we need is to create an alternative force, an instrument of influence - to create an international lobbying organization in order to contact all instances of the world, i.e.the Churches, civil society organizations, parliaments, media and to begin speaking the words of truth.

Moreover, there is no need to fear for this activity, because everything is already known about us. Today, both the Internet and telephones are open. The Bible describes the moments in the history of God's people when antidivine forces were persecutors and pursuers.

As it was in the days of David so it is nowadays. Christians are being shadowed, false testimonies and discrediting evidences are taken down. The technologies of intrusion into personal lives and control over human minds have become more sophisticated. Everyone has an access to the Internet for unburdening of their hearts. All talk using free telephone programs like Skype - do all of these technologies really serve to humanity? One day the "benefactor" will ask his price ....

Our activity can be expressed through the image of Tabernacle, free from the "mystery of the beast" and Babylon - that could be the most important will of God. For the last time God has determined drastic changes in the world's destiny - "the power will be given to the saints of God," the power to edification, and not to destruction, but it can be possible for the people of God only under one condition - if the people of God reach the true image of the One Tabernacle and lay down their lives for such edification. And we're going in this direction, conducting the inter-denominational gatherings on the principles of early apostolic church, and not on the principles of administration.

Worldly powers determine the fate of the Christianity. Today, the state determines the framework of religious activity and ability to act. Shadow rulers of Europe and America regulate cash flows, including those for the functioning of Christian denominations. The concept of democracy and tolerance leads Christianity to "around Jesus" confession, inclining the leaders of Christian movements to the "correct" identification of the Christian religion, that is what they tried to do with us during the prayer breakfast.

Our task is to lead out His people from this seduction, those who are still able to hear the Word of testimony. It is said about Paul that "...he went into the synagogue and spoke boldly... But when some were hardened and did not believe, but spoke evil of the Way before the multitude, he departed from them and withdrew the disciples..." (Acts 19) So now it's the time to separate the sincere children of God and lead them to a place where we can serve God.

We also remember from the prophecy of Daniel, that it shall be for a time, times, and half a time; and when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered, but we also believe that "the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. And those of the people who understand shall instruct many; yet for many days they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plundering." (Daniel 11:32-33)

In the end of time the Church will certainly be visible due to the special creativity and effectiveness of some people of God in God's work. And we need to find the earthly form of testimony and influence. Conventionally speaking, based on possible models for this type of activity, we chose the concept of a lobby that is informal international Christian lobby, which will become a tool in the implementation of this objective - positive reformation process that would lead the Church of Jesus Christ to perfection, true Unity and power of God.

Naturally, before creating a new lobby, we have examined the experience of similar organizations. The findings were quite expected.

1. Christian lobby does not exist in the world.

2. The existing pseudo-Christian lobbies are likely to be the main oppositions to our activities.

Therefore, all the parliaments and the media, as well as organizations will take up arms against us, because they are all built upon antidivine principles of snaring and destruction.

The term 'lobby' was first recorded in the "Oxford Dictionary" in 1553. It meant narrow corridors extending from the main room of the monastery and leading to secluded corners for meeting places and heartful confessions between the parishioners from the world outside the monastery and influential members of the cloister. The creation of mutually dependant financial groups contributed to the development of "lobbying" as a form of communication in society. Nowadays, lobbyists transform the corridors of power into the channels-conductors of public and private interests, becoming an instrument of execution of these interests in the domestic public space, and beyond it.

The ideal lobbyist is a highly qualified, respected professional negotiator acting as a public diplomat between the government and civil society representatives. Most often, they are prominent historical and political persons, authorities in politics, rare professionals in financial management, successful lawyers and attorneys. A distinctive and unique feature of whome was the ability to create a system of informal contacts in the decision-making structures and to control persons of these structures according to the principle of "access to someone who might be useful."

Individual lobbyists create such groups as "Think Tank». The workers of these centers are called "preachers". «Fake institutions where ideological preachers pose themselves as academics, where the money is pouring like blood from the arteries ", so described the Center for Political Thought an independent American journalist John Chakman. Hypotheses of some preachers are presented as questions and answeres of national importance. It is no coincidence that one of the Russian "thinkers" answered the question of the author concerning attracting students to scientific and public activities in such institutions that "students are no longer needed here. We have quite different tasks." Automatically, there arises a question - there are institutions, but there are no students, how can it be? There are hypotheses and the money for their study is running as a river. "And all this is with one purpose - to somehow support meaningless and vociferous advertising of politicians" J.Chakman. The U.S.takes the first place in the ranking of these lobbying centers, Brussels takes the second one.

What do you think, where is the lobby that respects itself registered? Of course, in London.

Therefore, when I speak further of the "Christian" lobby, I will mean the organizations which are either trapped, seduced by the authorities of the world and are participating in the plan for the implementation of the mystery of lawlessness, or organizations with a rich Freemasonic history, who skillfully hold the secret of seduction and hide behind Christian terminology, implementing into practice antidivine principles that we talked about above. Although, in time, you won't be able to distinguish one organization from another.

We examined the activities of some Christian lobbies in the U.S., Russia and Israel.

We examined the websites of various Christian lobbies and saw that the main prescribed objectives are:

1. Fundraising (donations);

2. Accounting and control of these donations, through which the control and accounting of organizations and individuals interested in Christian work is carried out;

3. Political elections;

4. Somewhere, in decency, appears a prayer support.

The Israeli lobby

The situation with the Israeli parliamentary Christian lobby is quite amusing.In the two different versions of the Knesset website - in English and Hebrew-speaking - the goals and slogans are different here and there, and some are simply absent. Such selectivity is not random, since each of the interested reader or consumer of this information has his own goals and objectives, and most importantly - money.

In this lobby you will find no information about God's projects, main points or principles of confession of faith or about the activity of Christians, these things are simply absent there.

However, if you generalize, the Christian Israeli parliamentary lobby is a special forum to support the relationship between Christians and Jews, as well as to collect financial and other kind of assistance for Israel. Moreover, it is mentioned that the forum (in English) or lobby (in Hebrew) is against conversion of Jews to Christianity.

There is also no information about such topical issues in Israel as religious freedom, protection of civil rights of believers - there is nothing about it! The question arises, "Why is the lobby called "Christian"? Is this just a random error in the title or a necessary condition to obtain monetary support, which is annually poured by various funds from abroad in the form of donations to public organizations of Israel, saving, therefore, the budget for the fight against poverty, violence, drugs, and similar phenomena?

But there is a precise title "Lobby against homophobia" - everything is clear, despite the fact that in the history of this nation there were Sodom and Gomorrah, as it is written in the book "Torah" revered in Israel, and every citizen of Israel who passes Sodom recalls it.

There is also an official conceptualization of Christian Lobby: Israel does not have an elaborated long-term strategy of relations with the United States. The Israeli policy is to mobilize the "lobby" and "friends of Israel" to respond to U.S.initiatives in the region. I.e.America helping Israel to maintain its "Jewish" status can not focus on any other religion equal to Judaism. The nature of the Jewish state is one of the most important questions in the contemporary dispute over possession of territory between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. So it is no good sticking out a Christian issue.

Of course, within the scope of democracy the prime minister of Israel and the President of America exchange remarks now and then that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where religious freedom is respected.And at a prayer breakfast rabbis are sitting at one of the first tables in front of the president.But we all know that in Israel the Christian voice can be heard only from the churches of the Orthodox Church, all other denominations will be counted as sects and the law on this will soon be introduced into practice, followed by informal domestic instructions with the purpose of persecuting Christians and taking away their children.
It is clear that the impact of the global Jewish Lobby also creates this view, since it fulfills its main strategic objectives:
- to support Israeli policy;

- so that Israel is spoken about in public only in a positive way.We were mildly warned about it in the U.S.Congress when we raised the issue with the senators concerning the persecution of Christians taking place in Israel;

- to convince the American public that Israel is of strategic worth to the U.S.(we add - to implement the promasonic ideas )
One of the members of the 18th Knesset told in the private talk after the persecutions against us in winter 2012, that in Israel it is better to be a thief than a Christian.

Russian experience

Russian experience is also very interesting. There are no Christian political parties in Russia, there is no Christian lobby in the Duma (Russian Parlamient). In April 2003, there was a hearing on issues of changing the legislation concerning freedom of conscience and social partnership of the state and traditional religious organizations. The deputies decided to establish a working group of representatives from religious organizations and parliamentarians. It was assumed they would develop draft laws concerning religion. Only representatives of four denominations: Orthodox Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam were invited to discuss interdenominational problems in the State Duma.

The idea of establishing a working group has been supported by them. Supposedly some issues were expected to be solved:

- On social partnership between the state and religious organizations in order to preserve national and spiritual traditions and to ensure social protection in Russia;

- Religious organizations should be officially represented in the government - including educational, health and army institutions;

- It is also proposed to send priests to foreign embassies in Russia;

- To return confiscated property to the church.

At the same time a deputy of the Communist Party Glazyev representing the Orthodox church has proposed to introduce directly into the law the list of religions that claim to be traditional and thus have the relative rights. The main role in draft laws is assigned to the Russian Orthodox Church. Other traditional religions, the deputy believes, will also negotiate with the state their rights at the local but not at the federal level. Let us add, destroying the principle, “threefold thread is not quickly broken."

A little later there was an official announcment about the establishment of the religious lobby (not Christian but religious one), founded under the Factional Deputy Association (FDA) "In support of traditional spiritual and moral values." Within the scope of this council there was formed the backbone of the religious lobby: the so-called inter-religious conciliation commission, which included deputies representing four major religions in Russia. The deputy Sergei Glazyev (CPRF) represents the Orthodox, Haji Makhachev ("MP") represents the Muslims, Hasan Mirzoyev ("Unity") represents the Jews, Bato Semenov (FAR) represents the Buddhists. As the secretary of FDA Oleg Efimov told in the interview with "The Independant Newspaper", these candidates were recommended by the Interreligious Council of Russia (ICR) - an advisory body composed of traditional Russian religious leaders, which initiated the establishment of the conciliation commission.

Official purposes:

- obtaining benefits for property tax, the right of land tenure, restitution of the ownership confiscated during the years of the Soviet power, increase in budget funding of religious projects (for example, the opening of religious television), and more.

In Russia there are also non-governmental lobbyist structures: an example of non-governmental lobby is the one created under the initiative of Ryakhovsky in 1995, bringing together different communities in the Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith "Church of God", later renamed as the Russian Associated Union of CEF (Russian CEF). Describing this structure, the author of "Classical Pentecostalism" Vitaly Risev notes that not only the organizations of CEF were readily accepted in the Union, but also charismatic organizations. He writes, "Since its birth, Russian CEF has not been defining the doctrinal boundaries for joining communities. There is a feeling that charismatic communities form the core of this "Pentecostal" denominations. The movement tends to ecumenical contacts, it is unscrupulous in the means of the gospel, and if it is Pentecostalism, it is presented in its very liberal terms." In August 2002 Ryakhovsky was introduced into the Council for Cooperation with Religious Associations under the Russian President.

Ryakhovsky himself determined the meaning of his appointment as follows, "A councilillor has the privilege to be invited to seven special receptions of the President, where all the political and economic elite is getting together. And that's where you can come to the President, the Prime Minister, to the most famous people of Russia, politicians, officials, businessmen, and make contacts with them. It gives us opportunities for the integration of our evangelical Protestant movement into the public civic life in Russia. We have now an open access to committees of public, regional and federal level, and we need as many people who would be able to represent our movement as possible. The state is choking, it has nobody to rely upon, it needs a partner."

Does it sound familiar? It resembles the prayer breakfast model.

Lobby in the U.S.A

In the U.S.A, the Christian lobby is either particular committees or parties that prepare their own political candidates, collecting financial support. They usually do not exersise real church life, they can not always express why their beliefs can be called Christian, so it all comes down to the imperial-patriotic slogans and to the standard secular public relations programs.

Among the largest Christian lobbies and associations in America are:

- The Christian Coalition of America;

- The Christian legal society;

- The American Christian Lobbyists Association.

On the web sites of such organizations the services for solution of the problems of various levels are provided - from helping to organize a meeting and write a letter to congressmen untill lobbying ideologies. And the epigraphs to the activities of such organizations are the slogans or speeches of presidents, and not the lines of the Scripture. "The hope of freedom itself depends, in real measure, upon our strength, our heart, and our wisdom", the 34th U.S.President D.Eisenhower. Or some more. "The challenge of statesmanship is to have the vision to dream of a better, safer world and the courage, persistence, and patience to turn that dream into reality", Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States.

But we remember the words, "For when they say, "Peace and safety!" then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman.And they shall not escape."(1 Thessalonians 5:1-11)

The religious affiliation of a politician in the United States is much less important than the political one. Americans overwhelmingly support a strict separation of church and state functions. One of the distinguishing characteristics of "religious politics" in the the last decades, for about 60 years, is that the adherents of different religious faiths are inclined to unite not with their brethren in faith, but with representatives of other nominations of one faith, and even of other religions, if some of their principles and positions coincide. Thus, the religious fundamentalists often find support among other religious fundamentalists and liberals, respectively, among other religions of the liberal faction.

For example, conservative Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Muslims have united in the fight to ban gay marriage. Today, these associations are created under the banner of the issues of religious tolerance, peace and safety. Prayer breakfast is an example of such interaction.

Our model is different: how?

We offer an alternative which is different from everything that is taking place in the world today.

We sugest to create a lobby that will call like a trumpet spreading the ideas of the last time and preparing the way to the Lord throughout the whole breadth of the earth.

The lobby will work in four areas:

1. Organized lobby will promote the projects of survival, that means establishment of public associations and organizations that will render help and teach people to survive by recieving food from the land and leading the people of God out of slavery of the present financial system.

2. There will be a sign over the lobby "the Mission of the Olive trees." This activity will be expressed through the project "United Interdenomination Media Center" which will be responsible for formation of the agenda (hot and relevant topics in the Christian world), it will provide an access to the platform for the unaffected Christian voice in all countries. Media center will cover the work of the lobby on the pages of civil journalism, covering all internal and external activities. In addition, the media center will coordinate the work and contacts with the outside world's media. Over time, this direction will expand to the radio and television channels as well as newspapers.

The lobby will work in such a way that no event will be discussed without the opinion of our experts, we must assess everything and witness everywhere. And this will be our struggle against antidivine principles which are implanted into Christian community and minds. We will act as rebukers.

We believe that being present in the media is the highest form of possible activity, we must do everything to represent voices of believers in the media, the voices which are reasonable, objective and true. One of the tasks of that lobby would be enough to do great things not only in Israel, but also on all five continents.

3. "We shall stand before the King". We have apeared to become a connecting thread between believers, politicians, officials, and we now see that God allows us to create new relationships and positively influence, prepossess and turn the hearts of authorities towards the believers in Israel. Representatives of the lobby will be constantly involved in the global Christian and governmental meetings, congresses, etc., in order to discredit all the organizations such as UNESCO, the UN and so on.

Our representatives will reach the dignity of the "king" and approach 'the kings' with small letters, they will become advisers like once were Daniel and Joseph, and it will lead to the fact that our voice will be the voice of a veto-player in the political arena and the participation of a Christian expert in private and public state commissions will become obligatory. That is, the lobby will be engaged in contacts with senior politicians and officials, will promote the political and legislative activity of Christians, will become mediators between the parliaments of the world and believers.

4. Promoting interdenominational meetings in order to achieve official status not only in Israel but in other countries. If the previous points are "our standing before the kings" and "letting them hear our voice," "projects of survival", the last project is our mission before our Lord Jesus Christ in order to achieve unity, to restore the fallen tabernacle of David, to witness against the lawlessness and the crying out "Even so, come, Lord."

We believe that the Interdenominational meeting of believers in Jesus Christ in Israel will become a guiding light for the rest of God's people all over the world, things spoken in Israel will echoe in all the continents - and according to the prophecy of Joe there wiil be "outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh in the last days ..." .

And accordingly, the intact word of truth will be revealed. This will be the ministry of the church that received the "love of the truth that it might be saved" it wil be the victory over the "lawless one, whom the Lord will consume with the spirit of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming..." (2 Thessalonians 2:8) among His people. It will be expressed in catching up of the Church similarly to the Elijah's catching up in Israel after he had done everything entrusted to him by the Lord. This will be the phenomenon of the two olive trees.

Certainly, there are practical solutions to implement these goals, but at the first place we need support of our Lord Jesus Christ in reaching these goals.

We can undertake different steps and use different methods, but it is important to understand that the Church is brought by God to the final stage of preparation for a meeting with the Lord as His Wife, the Bride of the Lamb, who has made herself ready. Therefore, we must answer God by our glorious deeds on the basis of our calling. The Word of God calls all people coming to Christ 'the called ones', and everybody who is called according to the word of God is given the mission to perform useful, important and great deeds in the Lord.

God's voice announces today that God's people should be prepared for the change of power on the earth with Christ's appearance in the last time. But Christians have got used to think that here on the earth they are called to be saved, to preach the gospel of salvation to others, to be sanctified and to be prepared for the catching up during the second coming and that nothing else is determined for them on the earth. They consider that they surely belong to the kingdom of heaven, but not to the kingdom of the earth. And such attitude to the will of God is careless.

The first witnesses of the apostles after Christ's death and His resurrection were "Jesus is Christ." But even then, the Pharisees and Sadducees spoke the words, "Did we not strictly command you not to teach in this name? And look, you have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this Man's blood on us!” (Acts 5:28) So it will be in the last time in Israel and such is the mission of the Olive trees - "to teach in this name, to flood Jerusalem with the teaching of the New Testament and bring the blood of this Man on the Jews." And such a mission would cause great pressure of forces in Jerusalem and in humanity and the glorious appearing of the Lord, signs and wonders through which God will witness that His people are doing a great work of God.

Publication of the word of truth for the vast masses of people, as the Scripture says - "the witness of the Olive trees" is victory in the spiritual warfare of the present times and the Christian lobby will become a tool in this fight. It is written in Revelation, "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony..." (Revelation 12:11) This is how God's people will achieve victory in the last war of the Universe.

We urge the people of God to be active. And we believe that the time will come, as it is written in the prophecy about Jerusalem, when we will look upon "Zion, the city of our appointed feasts; Your eyes will see Jerusalem, a quiet home, a tabernacle that will not be taken down; not one of its stakes will ever be removed, nor will any of its cords be broken..."(Isaiah 33:20)